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Anyone here ever had success growing mushrooms on wood, compost or coffee or ? in this hot dry climate? If you know someone please give me their name.

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Sounds like you make your tea like mine although adding some fungus would supercharge the brew. The mixture below is from the Oregon state university. I got instructions for a 25 gallon brewer here with huge amounts of aeration.

Keep me posted how the new brew works for you.

Recipe for basic compost tea
Many recipes exist for making compost tea. This is intended as a starting point only and does not
guarantee results. There are currently no USDA standards about what makes “good” compost tea.
Experiment and observe to see if compost tea works in your garden.
Healthy active compost such as vermicompost (worm compost.) Use 2 cups per 5 gallons of water.
Fungal food source: Liquid or powdered kelp, 2 tablespoons per 5 gallons
Bacterial food source: Sweet, unsulphered molasses, 2 tablespoons per 5 gallons
Add the liquid kelp and molasses to the water. Place powdered kelp in the strainer/mesh bag with the
Suspend the bag from the PVC tubing across the top of the brewer. Insert the short PVC pipe into the
bag to aerate the compost during the brew cycle.

David -

I hope you will buy your spores from  The reason I say this is Fungi Perfecti is a leader in the preservation of fungi.  Yes even the fungi are going extinct.  What's this world coming too? 

"The rainforests of the Pacific Northwest may harbor mushroom species with profound medicinal properties. At the current rates of extinctions, this last refuge of the mushroom genome should be at the top of the list of priorities for mycologists, environmentalists and government. If I can help advance this knowledge, I will have done my part to protect life on this planet. And yet, if it were not for our customer's contributions, with our limited finances, this goal could not be achieved."

I followed the video above about growing mushrooms on the cheap. I started a container on the 17th and now its only the 21st and I have mycileum already! I put this container under my bathroom sink so its dark all the time and my showers give it some humidity.


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