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Looking to fund an aquaponics business? I would consider crowdfunding (microinvesting) as a possibility.

Within a few months, the SEC will have in place the regulations for microinvesting, thanks to the JOBS Act passed earlier this year by Congress. I think there's a great potential match between aquaponics and microinvesting or crowdfunding, since we've already seen some successfully funded kickstarter aquaponics campaigns. Crowdfunding will, I believe, take this to the next level, since people will actually be able to receive a return on their investment with it. 

So, if you're looking to gain funding for an aquaponics business or startup, I highly recommend that you get yourself and your business established on a couple of different websites. The first one is which is now allowing people (companies have had a bit longer already) to connect their social media accounts and create profiles in advance of the SEC regulations.

The second website is which allows people who know you to vouch for you in areas where you have skills or knowledge in order to help establish a framework of trust, which I believe will be an essential component in drawing microinvestors from outside your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances.

If you do sign up for either or both of these sites, please let me know, as I'd love to use my social network (and possibly even some of my $) to help support your efforts.

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sounds good I will 

a little about The Organic Family Farm LLC (TOFF)

We are the fist Commercial Aquaponics Farm in the PNW located in Canby Oregon. . We are centrally located with more then 2.5 million people with in one hr from farm 30 min to downtown Portland and 45 min to downtown Salem.Customers can take public transportation from down town PDX to one block from farm.

 We have had interest from New Seasons Market. They are willing to carry product in there stores once products are available.

 10+% of every harvest goes to locals in need threw food banks and other charities

 10+% of all income also goes to locals in need.

I started this business to provide Sustainable organic fruit and vegetables year around. 

we have a total of 3 acres of land and a 1.5 acre pond. The pond is stocked with trout and is spring feed.

Our Starting System will consist of 

10000 sq ft greenhouse came with land

18 count 1400 gallon fish tanks. 

2 count 700 gallon sumps tanks

20000 gallons of grow beds

1000 gallon raft tank

400 sq-ft of Fodder growing.

300 tomato FD system

Stocking at 1 lb fish to 5 gallon water.  130 lb fish a week 

We have both water rights to the well on sight and the pond. the pond is feed by a spring and run off. both water sores have been tested and are clean.

 We are looking for investors to help use build out our system

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