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I had a system in my own place, I wasn't concerned about flooding because it was an IBC system, if it leaked, the water would just end up back in the fish tank.

Currently I'm living in an apartment and I'm not going to be doing an IBC system, I'm planning on doing some vertical aquaponics, I've got a 7' tall 300 gallon cylinder tank so I will need a sump pump type of system which has the possibility of failing and flooding.  I need a way to shut the pump off if the sump pump fails.  I'm thinking water sensor, interrupt power type thing.  

Now I searched and all I can find is valve shut off deals for your water heater which I can make work, but I don't want to spend $100 when there is a way to do this cheaper.  Any ideas or locations to find what I'm looking for on the net?


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I live in an apartment as well and I think the best solution is good system design. I have my grow bed above my growbed with an overflow that drains directly into the fish tank. Instead of relying on a component that may fail, create a system that is fail safe. You owe it to your downstairs neighbor ;)

Come to find out the 300 gallon tank I have will only fit through my front door so it won't fit in a bedroom or in the basement which I was planning.  My front door is 34" and every other door in this place is 32".  Looks like the garage will be it's home at least till I move.

well, I'm on a budget and this 300 gallon tank is what happened to fall into my hands.  As I stated in my question, I had a fail safe IBC system and I know about this.  I don't have a downstairs neighbor, I have an unfinished basement which I planned on using.  I am planing on making use of what I have and making it fail safe as possible with a bypass right back into the tank with these $150 ball valve when it senses water for hot water heaters or a kill switch for the pump if the sump fails and it senses water.  

I do want to try vertical aquaponics, it seems much more effective space wise than grow beds. 

However plans change, I'm planning on moving in 3 months so nothing will happen till then, but I want to be ready to start right away after I move no matter how it needs to be configured.

It seems that your first choice should be a sump tank or series of tanks or a bermed area, able to receive the volume of the whole system should it fail and have to be collected rather than flooding the property of others. Second choice could be an overflow plumbed/routed to the main drain or an acceptable outdoor location possibly the curb depending on local policy and regulations. 

If water can be contained in a tiled or other wise leak resistant or leak proof area, there are these devices used for indoor berms.

Above $200 or you might fashion a diy berm cheaper.

There are inexpensive moisture detectors that can alert you or others during an event or after the fact. Here's a link to one for around $25. USD.  We get what we pay for. Unfortunately, after the fact is too late to prevent the damage done and from costing you or others much more.

Hope this helps.

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