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anyone know where I can buy some unwoven food grade plastics for vertical towers?

I'm wanting to try out some things out but the only place I can find is figure there must be a place to buy something similar for cheaper so I can cut it to my desired dimentions

of course I'm not opposed to buying the ones from bright agrotech, I just figure there might be something cheaper out there so I can make my own design for less.

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Ouch... Nate is a member here and provides loads of excellent information.  Nate Storey

If I did know a cheaper way (I don't)... I wouldn't post it online, just out of respect; I've learned a lot from him. 

In this day and age I really don't think Nate would be offended by me asking.  If he has a web page I'm certain he understands people can get infomation for free online.  His service is to provide proven technologies pre-made, not be the only place to buy plastics that he doesn't even produce.  Not sure what the 'ouch' is about.  I'm not trying to sabotage his business.

In fact, quite the opposite, I've pointed many people to his business via reddit and google+.

Well, I can see why some folks would regard your OP as a little...'funky'. 

Nate put in a LOT of time, effort and energy researching, testing and analyzing many different media for vertical towers (and of course you are free to do the same if you wish). 

It seems like the 'cool' thing to do would be to ask him. Or at least ask him to sell/give/trade you a piece that you can cut to the size that you need.

I highly doubt that any of the people who do happen to know will post or give you that type of information you might as well ask him.


You don't think that posting a "cheaper" alternative to his patented & trademarked product would be sabotaging his business?  You must have a different definition of sabotage.

Dan, respect is earned, and Nate has earned it. I'd suggest a little more google time, and then repost you're request by description, or examples of generic similar products (without the link to the product you are trying to replicate).

How about loofah sponges? Get some seeds and grow your own unwoven food grade matting.

I can't speak at all for how it compares to ZipGrow media but if you were just looking to DIY up your own virtual towers you can look into "Matala" on Amazon. Doubled over it should fit inside a rain gutter down shoot perfectly but depending on what you are growing in it, the down shoot is likely not big enough and you'll get clogged pretty easily. You could try 4x4 plastic fence post depending on what it is made out of. 

In the end if you are trying to make something cheaper than a ZipGrow tower that functions in a similar way, you are likely not going to save much (not even counting the labor and the lost material to screw ups) and end up with an inferior product.

If you are really trying to save money and want to grow vertically, think about different solutions, not just how you can copy an existing one for cheaper.

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