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   Good day,

 I looked through the groups page for an indoor AP group and found none. Is there one?  I wish I lived in the tropics or had the funds to support an outdoor system and greenhouse but that is not the case as I am in grad school in Lincoln,NE. I do have a 25'x12'x7' unheated hoophouse that I grow in year around, but I feel it would be ill suited for AP without additional inputs (e.g. electricity). Currently I have 2 indoor systems. One is in my living room with east facing window 150 watt HPS, 100 gallon FT (10 tilapia) and 1-55 gallon drum cut lenght ways GB.  The other is in a second room for all my plants (soil and AP) with 150 gallon rubbermaid FT (25 tilapia), 1-400watt MH hung horizontally, 1-150 HPS hung vertically and 2- 4'x4' GB one with hydroton and the other lava rock.

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while not "indoor aquaponics" this group might be of interest

Thx TCLynx I saw that link and have read all the post. I am curious though about horizantal vs. vertical bulb placement.

Have to ask the guys who know about growing indoors.  I'm cheap and I live in FL so I grow outdoors and just deal with the lack of lettuce half the year.

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