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I am looking to find a solid sources for fingerlings here in the San Diego Area. I will keep you all posted as to my findings as I hope you will post your findings also.....


I am looking for catfish mainly.



Could I use bluegill caught in a local lake?




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Search in AG papers or see if the state fish and wildlife organizations might have listings for fish farms that provide fish for stocking in farm ponds and game fishing lakes. Through out the midwest, texas and here in FL it is common to find fish farms that can provide catfish, blue gill, sun fish and bass. I've found that few fish farms seem to have much of an internet presence and it can sometimes take many phone calls before you finally reach a person since they don't spend much time in the office.

Good Luck in your search.
Here is a link to the fish and game dept for Calif.

Mmm.... I understand you are looking for catfish fingerlings, but I got some tilapia fingerlings from City Farmer's Nursery ( Call before you go, sometimes they sell out of them.

Any idea where can one get barra fingerlings in the States?  

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