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Hi all,

I am looking to buy some fingerlings. I have tried contacting three different fisheries with no luck, as well as mail order. I'm sure the problem is the small amount I want(50-100). I only have 250 gallons of tank so far, more pond in the future. I am willing to travel, but not sure how far would be safe. I'm thinking about 2-3 hours away from Ft. Myers, FL. Anyone have any suggestions? 

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JR I'm sorry.  I checked in a couple times and didn't see a reply so I ordered them online from  I ordered 25 blue Tilapia and they arrived about 1.5 weeks later. a little expensive for shipping, and I only received 24 live fish ( 2 were dead).  They are also very small, some barely more than fry.  I may try to get some more later.  Keep me in mind when you are ready to get more.  I may still collaborate with ya.

JRComito said:

Hey there,

I haven't been on in a while. Your offer is gracious, and I would enjoy finding some fish soon. I want to get my system up and running again.Where do you plan to get the Tilapia?
JLSimpson said:

Hi JR, I also live in the fFort Myers FL area and am ready for some Tilapia for my system.  Im willing to go half with ya if you want, so no fish are wasted.

Well, here's an update, if anyone is still following this. The problem of where to get fish at a reasonable rate is solved. I found a farm East of Tampa that will deliver Blue Tilapia in bags to your tank. They will acclimate the fish for you an then release them, all FREE of charge. You only pay for the fish. They deliver all over the state, you just have to be patient and get on there route. They will eventually get enough orders to visit your area. To add to the ease of delivery, I didn't even need to be there in order to accept the delivery. They took care of everything and the best part, I didn't have to pay until they sent me an invoice. I payed it over Paypal, and it was completely hassle free. The fish are healthy and growing quickly. The name of the farm is Into Florida Fish. Their website is: I highly recommend them. 


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