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 Good day Aquapons,

  Well I'll be packing it up here in Colorado to head off to Grad school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to pursue a Doctorate in Plant Health.  I should be moved in by the 1st of May.  Are there any members in Lincoln? Lets touch base. 

 Oh yeah--------GO BIG RED!!!


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LOL, brother... I recently landed in Lincoln Neb, on a trip back from Hawaii... IT was a military hop and I had never been to Nebraska, my daughter and I were almost stranded there (Needed to drive or fly into St Louis MO) but thank god for one-way rentals...   Anyhow, the reason I am writing this is to tell you THERE IS LOTS OF LAND THERE!!! hahahaa, All we seen was CORN fields and nothing else =)

Kenneth, good luck and happy trails to you... Maybe I will meet up with you someday! Max

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