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I have been looking for a group that would be willing to do an aquaponics seminar. I teach 6th grade at a low income elementary school in South Sacramento and work with our after school program. The program is planning a family literacy project. The director and I wanted to use aquaponics to foster literacy. This project would do double service; work to improve literacy and give our families a way to help provide food for their families in an environmentally sustainable way [we have a small system currently at the school].

We are looking for a group that does aquaponic classes or seminars that would be willing to conduct an introductory seminar, with perhaps a follow up session, at our school. If you know of anyone, please let me know. The program has some grant funds available.

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You'll probably want to talk to this guy:


Thanks. I'll send him a message and see if they would be interested.

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