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I am looking at diving head first into a commercial aquaponic farm in Arkansas. I have done well with a small home system here in east Texas, but feel my heart pulling me into taking this commercial. Arkansas is where we have always wanted to retire. Although I will still be working for a few more years, my husband is willing to tend the farm. I am thinking it will take a few years to get off he ground.

Any advice from any of you colder weather growers would be welcome. Any advice from anyone on how to get up running would be a great help. To be truthful I am so exited, yet scared to death all at the same time. I am looking at putting quite a bit of the savings into this. I guess my main fear is can you make a comfortable living out of this.

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I'd recommend taking a commercial aquaponics course before you do anything. Green Acres Aquaponics has a solid course (I can only assume it's gotten better since I've taken it). I haven't tried it myself, but I'd highly recommend the course that Jon Parr, Max Meyers, and Rob Nash have started offering. They're really solid aquaponics people, and they're bound to have some incredible information to offer.

Thank you, I am looking at a course, but was wanting to find someone near Arkansas, know of any farms, or contacts?

Hi! My name is Cindi Conway. I live outside Eureka Springs and have a 2000sq ft Aquaponic greenhouse with a 5000 gal. tank and over 40 grow beds, This was our first year here and also our first year in 2 local Farmer's markets. We also have a large hoop house and outside growing as well. I understand your feelings at going AP, as I have those same feelings. We are also trying to become totally self sufficient. If I can be of assistance, please feel free to email me at

It would be good to have someone near to bounce ideas around with. if I can get it done, i'll include a couple pictures.well,i'm not sure what pic im sending, oh well


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