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I've been finding that as this site grows, and the demands of my work grow as well, I am no longer able to keep up with all the activity in here!  It is time to pull together a group of moderators to be my team of advisors, to keep an eye out for spammers, and to make sure that the conversations here stay respectful.  I'm looking for active members who are really dedicated to the ideals of this community. I've already invited TCLynx and Jon Parr to become moderators, and they have both graciously accepted. Do you have other suggestions as to who I might consider?  Thanks!

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Hi Michael,

An easy way to report any problems on the site, is to copy the URL of the page and paste it, with a small comment if you wish, in a message to Sylvia. We need to help keep the site in good condition for all

Michael Silberstein said:

Sylvia, Today i went to band Leno Tredits for spamming but I can not seam to know where the button is I looked and look can we get to gather Saturday to find out how. I clicked on block messages but not sure that is the right one.

Hi Sylvia,

I'm David B (Borman). I had posted photos of a new garden chalice set i worked most of this past year developing. Was hoping maybe some members might have some ideas on where i could start selling them. So i posted to the Classified and Florida discussion sections.

But my post was shortly deleted. Is this because it is considered commercial? I haven't actually sold anything yet. Just wondering how i go about this.

I don't have much money. As i lost my boat building job 3 years ago. Actually learned how to feed my family from my aquaponiocs. I never qualified for government help. But i'm really good at fiberglass. So i taught myself how to build the most gorgeous aquaponics system possible. Thinking maybe i could make a living at this. I figured there must be tons of high income individuals that would never be able to put IBCs and plastic barrels on their deed restricted swimming pool lanais. But what i created would fit great! So they could enjoy aquaponics too?

I tried clicking on your advertising link. But it was blank. Does your forum stop at any hint of something that might go commercial? Or is there a way i could find out what people think about what i've created? And maybe find a way to sell something?



*attached are some photos of what i've created (in case the old ones were deleted): What do you think?


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