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I'm trying to make a affordable start in aquaponics in my small (10 x 20) greenhouse. I'm looking to have a ~300 Gal fish tank, but the options I have found so far are either too big to fit in my 36" door or too expensive. (Most are both.) Because of my climate, I will have to insulate the tank quite a bit to run year-round. I'm considering building a tank either with wood or concrete blocks. What I'm unsure about is how to safely line them. 

Fiberglass is one option, and I've worked with it in the past. Rather nasty, and I'm concerned about it leeching evil chemicals into the water. The other option is to attempt to use Dura-Skrim, but it seems that folding this might be impractical. Judging by the description of the two available tapes, it would not be advisable to attempt to cut and seam Dura-Skrim. Could I fold it like a Christmas package and then use one of the tapes to hold the flaps in place? Assume an inside dimension in the range of 6 x 3 x 2 for discussion sake.

I'm looking for options here, and any suggestions from those of you experienced in such things would be greatly appreciated. 


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If you can find a used swimming pool liner then build a wood frame. Look for swimming pools that are not being used anymore. Offer to haul it off for free and you will have luck. I did.

I have no idea how heavy your greenhouse is or how it is anchored, but if it's relatively mobile, have you thought about just lifiting one end off of the ground and sliding the fishtank underneath?

It's anchored down with bolts that are in the walls, and at ~22 years old, I'm afraid it collapse. But I like the 'think outside the box ' approach. - Thanks for replying.

You could buy square fish ponds - they are about 5 x 3 feet and 1.5 deep (you need to cut them down in height) they hold 100 gallons.  I tried them and they work great, you have to support them though with wood or block completely around because they bow out with the weight of gravel or water - they can only be a liner - but they are fish/food friendly and sturdy. Cost around $60. Just a thought.

I have a video for how I folded Dura skrim for my grow beds, it is not terribly hard to do.

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