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Hey all, newbie here so let me know if this is better in another section.

I'm having a hell of a time getting my lettuce to grow. I have a DWC setup that's about 21 gallons total with the fish in 5 gallons. I have two goldfish currently and started this whole endeavor about 2 months ago. Specs of my system are as follows

Water temp - ~66 F

Ph: around 6

Nitrites: 0

Nitrates: ~40

Ammonia: 0

I'm growing indoors and using an Apollo LED that is supposed to cover a 2.5' x 2.5' section. I have adjusted the light up and down to no effect.

I also added some chelated iron and this didn't do anything either. 

Please help or let me know if any other information would help. 

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Hi Ross,

have you resolved your issue with growth?

 I started planting my system in Dec.of 2018. My nitrates are about 40 and have been picking lettuce, beat greens and swissschard for a few weeks.

when I was having trouble it was iron , it took almost 3 weeks for the plants to realy take off.

This is a clip I sent to some friends on Christmas morning I talk a bit about the making of the project.
This one shows the latest growth

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