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My boys could be missing some of their boxes of Lego soon.


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oh couldn't they share a photo of the night time view of the greenhouse????  What a tease.


If only you could get them in bulk for cheap enough to make that cost effective!!!!

No kidding, I was hoping there was a section of pictures I missed, nope.


I think Rob T. was working on a Lego type material, for growing medium, that would be cost effective...

Actually the legos were simply part of the jig for making the plastic media.  I don't think the plastic media idea really took hold though.

Yeah, I was working on the plastic extruder last year that could make media  (video).  plus was it was very light so it would be cheap to ship.  Even getting recycled HDPE, it was too expensive.  Plus I found the plastic really didn't retain moisture very well and it floated so I would have to add some calcium carbonate into the plastic.


The lego greenhouse is pretty cool.  Street value of Lego blocks is around 7 cents per brick....any they aren't UV resistant!  ;-)

Here is the link for all of the pics, including night time. 

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