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A colleague of mine from Veterans Affairs pointed out that Legionella is a red flag to Aquaponics.  He is not an aquaponics expert.  However, what are the procedures and factors that safeguard the produce and the handling of fish?  

By the way, I am interested in setting up small-scale interior (not greenhouse) systems - using high intensity lighting and having koi instead of tilapia.  I reckon that the high intensity lighting will be necessary for growing fruiting crops such as tomatoes and flowers.  

Anyway, as these would be in communal areas, for community use, there must be a guaranteed high level of public safety and no health risk.  

Also, where do you all get professional liability insurance for this field?

Thanks much.

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If you're going to start worrying, think about those brain-eating amoebas. Literally 1 or 2 people die every year from them! All it takes is your fish splashing you up the nose and you're a goner!

just kidding. It's my understanding that Legionella isn't a big worry in aquaculture. There was an outbreak at an Australian  aquarium, but it was traced back to the cooling towers, not the fish tanks. Two big things legionella needs are stagnant conditions, and hot temperatures. By stagnant, I mean pipe runs that go nowhere. And the optimal temperatures for Legionella growth start at 95 degrees.  My tank doesn't reach 95 degrees, even in the heat of summer.

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