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Anyone know where to get very large stock tanks to hold the fish? I am looking for a 7 or 8 foot diameter tank that would hold between 800-1,000 gallons.

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Tanks that are only 2' deep and about 6' across I think hold around 600 gallons and can be found at tractor supply.  They are a bit shallow for fish tanks though but some people have used them fine.

You might try around at other farm and feed stores since some of them might carry deeper tanks that would hold more water.

And then if you have any large scale rotomolding companies in your area, they probably make some aquaculture tanks and rain water tanks and you might be able to get some direct pricing from them, otherwise you deal with paying shipping from one of the plastic mart or tank depot type places.

Have you tried Aquatic ecosystems? Much better quality than anything you'll find at Tractor Supply

Todd: thanks for the reference. Aquatic ecosystems have a lot of things to explore.

TC: Thanks for the ideas regarding rain water tanks and remolding companies.

Aquatic Eco has great stuff but the shipping to PA would be steep.  I do believe there are some Rotomolding companies in PA though so it would be worth contacting them to see if they have any appropriate size tanks for sale or to see who locally you can buy them from.

All - Granger Palstics is a Rotomolding company in Ohio ( They produce the AquaBundance  fish tanks and Grow beds that the Bernsteins sell. They look like my best bet because shipping will be reasonable.


We are using a 12ft X48" round swimming pool.  In Canada I got it for 675.00

That is just the metal part of the pool.  You have to get liner for it.  I know that tri-city vinyl in Saganaw Michigan has fda approved white liners but they won't deal with anyone but pool dealers.  They told me to contact Cinderella or quality pool dealer.  Hope that helps.



Thanks for the suggestion, Kim. My requirement is that the tank be no greater than 6 foot in diameter.

I found a company in Nova Scotia that makes exactly what I need, although it is twice as much as your pool.



Take a look at water cisterns/septic tanks at your local plumbing supply ( not the big box guys, a real plumbing supply) I have seen some large roto-molded ones. You might have to take the top off.

I have a local source and they have other locations in other states.

it is call Fertilizer dealer, they are a farmer supply store. typically you

only see farmers in there. here is there web site:  fertilizer dealer.

just another place to look for what ya need. 

I once bought a 10 ft dia  X 12 ft high from them. worked great for what

I was doing with it which is far harder on the tank than aquaponics.

Check with Chris @ Carolina Aquaponics in Campobello, S.C. @ 864-978-3347 or online at Carolina Aquaponics. I visited his Aquaponics center to buy tilapia a few weeks ago. He has large vessels he's no longer using to house his Tilapia. I don't know if they are for sale, but I know he no longer uses them...

check out Poly Tank in MN

i run a commercial system and use them exclusively (they are only a couple hours from me so shipping is generally less)


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