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So we're starting to build our system and wow cost adds up quick!!!!! We have looked at all kids of items to use for grow beds but tonight while at toys r us we saw kid plastic pools that might be peRfect. $8 for 36" and $11 for 46" it's worth a shot. Has anyone ever used this for a grow bed and if so how did it work?

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Check out for some fairly detailed pictures and descriptions of successful systems that use the flexible above ground pools...both the kiddie pools and larger ones.
He uses them for fish, not beds. My personal feeling...for what it's that an AP system should be viewed as an investment and as such a person should be willing to spend the money it takes to purchase equipment that will last a very long time and protect the system. At my house I'd be worried about kids breaking in the green house and collapsing one of the fish tanks if i used a cheap kiddie pool...but everyone has to choose what works in his or her own unique situation. At the end of the day I'd rather see someone get into aquaponics with minimal investment in equipment and then maximize management and risk mitigation than not get started at all.
My system is only 16 gallons including the sump and i put it all together for around $400 us. That includes a new wire shelf and 125 lbs of aquarium gravel, which costs five times what pea gravel would have cost (lesson learned). The point is if you are just getting started it's a really good idea to try a small starter system to master the basics, keep the proverbial whistle whetted and give yourself time to do more extensive research into equipment, prices, and save some more money toward the bigger project. Believe me, I'm really glad I'm having to correct my mistakes with a system that fits in my bedroom rather than something that would cost a lot more time, money and frustration to troubleshoot and improve.
Ive seen a couple videos on utube with people using kid pools for grow beds. It appeared that it works pretty good as a flood and drain system.
Why flood and drain? Does it not work for CHOP systems?
Thanks for the feedback. We have a good size setup going so far, and starting from scratch we want to really get the hang of it before we upgrade to a large greenhouse, custom grow beds, and bigger tanks. Right now we have done a rough layout and are going to work on plumbing this week, electric the neXt, and then frame in greenhouse and wrap it. We are going to be up to 4 ibc tanks for fish this summer and another for a sump. My cousin is making swirl filters as well
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