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I live in south central Kentucky.  Does anyone know of a local source for Hydroton or similar product?  We have been using creek gravel.  I will be setting up a training center to show locals how to do hydroponics from recycled materials.  I want to show use of gravel, creek rock and hydroton. 

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Hydroton (Okotau Industries) is no longer being made, so good luck with that one. (Though I imagine you can probably score some somewhere in internet-land...Amazon, craigslist etc...but then there would likely be 'significant' shipping costs and all...)

There is a similar LECA material/product called "Hydrocorn Gold" being sold in the US. It seems lighter and slightly more porous than hydroton (which is good) and probably therefor has a higher SSA (specific surface area) as well (again, a good thing). 

We have Hydroton (left) and HydroCorn (right).

The Hydroton is more "uniform" and heavier (95g in a 2" net pot) than the HydroCorn (79g to fill a 2" net pot).  The best price I have seen, especially if you need more than a couple bags, is right here in the "store": AGC Store

Hi, Susan.  I can't speak for Kentucky, but here in Kansas I found expanded shale (I don't recall the brand, but it wasn't HydroCorn) for $5/25-lb bag at a landscape supply store.  I had to rinse it carefully and pick out numerous pieces of limestone that were disguised by the reddish dust, but it's doing the trick.

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