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Hi, i have 1 greenhouse and another is one the way, they are about 20 feet long 10 feet wide nothing to big, now that the weather is getting colder, i need to start thinking about keeping the greenhouse warm.


what is the best way to keep a greenhouse warm.


as it is only a backyard aquaponic system i dont need anything fancy, but open to all ideas.


so how do you keep your greenhouse warm?

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Something that small and in the area of the country you live... I would recommend a pellet / biofuel stove.
How cold does it get there Danny?  What Zone are you in.  I wasn't thinking you were in an especially cold area.

Hi im in Fresno California, it doesnt get supppper cold but it gets pretty cold that the roofs of houses will catch frost on them.

im thinking thats to cold for plants, i dont really have a big green house, also got my second greenhouse up and ready today :).


also a good thing to know of a cheap way to keep a greenhouse warm, where i will be going later, in the winter time it snows.



i looked into the stove two jay mention(thanks for that) and they look pretty good. thats something i saw used alot in armenia when i was out there, during the winter this was the cheapest way to stay warm so alot of people had them in houses. 


My greenhouse is pretty small and that seems like it might create a fire hazard, might even melt the plastic, the greenhouse is made of plastic covering and metal or aluminum came as a set up kit.





We get frosts.  Just choose cool weather plants for the winter.  Broccoli and all the related greens like kale and kohlrabi and cabbage and collards do great in the cold.  Snow peas might not like frost but a greenhouse will generally take care of frost.

If you can keep your water from freezing you should have no problems growing plants through the winter in a greenhouse in a place that doesn't spend weeks on end below freezing.

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