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All this stuff was free not 1 penny spent  so far material tools, lumber, all free,all these  things thrown away . 

screws too?

TCLynx said:

screws too?

yes screws too! I also have a 16 x 20 green house (Rails Only) coming or to be picked up soon I hope  these are all things people throw away . ...Ron 

And nails?

just hope the barrels didn't have anything that would be toxic to fish.


Looks like the epitomy of scrounge tecnology at it best, BRAVO

Man after my own heart, 90% of mine is scrounged , best way to do it!

First off I applaud your ingenuity in building and finding resources to build your AP system. This is the first time I've seen the barrels attached with screws around the rim. I'd be worried that the weight of the media, plants, and water would tear the plastic. Does anyone know if this is a problem or not? I would think that there should be some support (banding or even a sub platform) underneath the barrels to prevent the risk of a blow out. What are peoples thoughts on this theory?

George, yes nails too .  and the hammer to put them in with .lol

matt, barrels had soybean oil in them can be removed easy 

leo, bob , ..I do my best .a fella told me when things start to fall apart He's coming to my house .

Derrick, plan on putting a brace under barrels .was thinking about that as well .

Yes most definitely must have braces or support under the barrels.  The only thing the screws around the top edge are going to to is hopefully keep the barrels from bowing maybe.  If you add gravel and water to barrels just suspended from screws and eve if the screws were strong enough to support the barrels, the plastic would rip in time and sun exposure.

So definitely get some good 4x4 or 2x6 (or whatever sturdy stuff you can scrounge) braces going across supporting the bottoms of those barrels.

Ron, you might want to just shorten the legs to use the ground to support the weight. Just make sure that you have compacted the ground real well or it may settle in too much and damage the barrels. This is only if you didn't set the height to a specific level for a reason, if you did have a reason, then the under support will be needed. Best of luck to you my friend.

Derrick, Im going to run a  drain system under it sipion type of drain .got a pump today from a buddy 500gph .at no cost .  so far $0 invested .


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