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So Ive been reading around a few forums and I find a lot of different thoughts on flood and drain, but here is what I believe is goin on.

Flood and drain is broken into two categories; constant flood and drain/timed flood and drain, and within these, are methods of returning the water to the sump or fish tank.

Constant flood; pump is constantly running, no timer, auto siphons or a simple standpipe. The standpipe however will typically require someone to actually time the cycle, in which case they put a timer on the pump.

At this point; if you are running a constant flood system with auto siphons that are working properly, do you still need to have the system run on a 45 min flood/15 min drain?

Thanks for the input folks.


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Setup looks good. One suggestion I have when you start growing plants (if you haven't already) is to lower your lights. They look like florescent. If so they need to be right on top of the plants to stimulate healthy growth.

Say thanks Jeff!  Good suggestion about the lights.  Definitely learned that one watching some starts grow legs and fall all over themselves.

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