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just an update to those who wondering i am doing a total tear down the medicinal plant did reach 18 inches before i gave him to a buddy with a room./Im now working on 1100 gallon system with 4 acres to spread out on will update with pics and vids give me a week or two cycling and all thaks for the info i will be reading more here while i add to this system .thanks

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a little more patience than that I think for cycling.  It should be more like give me a month or two cycling

that would be right if it was a raw start up ,but i guess i failed to mention im actually doubling thhis size i have now,which is 400 gallon that i will add to so yeah and im under time restraint but i think it should be has a slow flow to add to original water that has been a working system for two months.But thanks for thhe heads  up things like that could hurt a guy thanks again TCL

Yea adding beds to an existing system is different.

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