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Howdy Y'all,

I'm really cheap when it comes to creativity and came across an extremely good deal on 275gal IBC tanks.  So good I can't say how much I'll get thumped, and it's a limited supply (I should have about 25 when all is said and done).  Instead of making GB out of other material, I'll be chopping the tops and bottoms off many to create them.  Each piece is 3'x4' total of 12sqft per half an IBC.


275gal/7.5gal per cubit ft = 36 2/3cubit ft of water which supports 36 fishes

For the 36 fishies I would need a total space of 275 sqft of GB space

Right so far?

Now before we all jump on the "Way to big to begin" boat (That would be 12 IBC chopped up not to mention the PVC nightmare.) I don't want to start way out there that big.

I figure 4 IBC chopped up will give me 8 3'x4' GB total of 96sqft which squirrels down my fish count to around 12 fishes still in a 275 IBC.

Assuming that I have been doing my reading (Thanks Sylvia) and I understood what I read (I read the whole book).  I'll continue to assume that my math is correct. I'm not afriad to be told that I'm wrong as long as you exlain where I messed up and what the proper math is.

Now here is my question(s).

I somewhat understand the cycling process.  But do I do it one GB at a time or can I do all of them together? Yes with a sequencer doing two GB at a time.  

Where do you add the DWC system?  As part of the GB eaquation or is it something totally seperate that is just added on between the GB and the fish tank? How big do you figure out the DWC bed to be.  I'm going to do this, Oh yes, I'm all the way in.  Thanks for y'alls input.  Catch ya on the other side of happiness, healthiness and green.


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I would cycle all the grow beds at the same time so the beneficial bacteria colonies are in every bed at the same time.

Also...along with your math about fish to amount of grow bed space. I'd watch Bright Agrotech's recent video on Biological Surface Area

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