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I found this little guy on my basil. I am think he is a pest. How do you treat the plants to ward off these guys if he is a pest?

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Got me? Last year though I had problems with earwigs amongst other bugs eating my basil so I crushed up a couple hot peppers and put them in a big jar of water, let it sit out in the sun for a day...strained and added a drop of 'vegan' dish soap and sprayed...took care of it...but if it's in an AP system you might not want to spray any oils or soaps (or look up some of the threads for using precautionary measures when doing so). If he's not eating the basil, I'd let it be...

Maybe someone else could identify the little guy?

It's hard to tell from the pic but it looks like Typocerus sparsus (Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetle). Could also be Crioceris asparagi (Asparagus Beetle)

Might try radish as a trap crop for them.

Usually, I notice damage or droppings first and then look for the pest(s).  If it is a pest, there should be damage of some sort.

Yes, something is eating my basil a little bit. When I observed the damage, I caught this guy on the plant. I suspect it was him. The basil is fine, but I don't like to share too much with the bugs.

I have sprayed a mixture of black strap molasses with water and a touch of dish soap on the leaves before. Would this help?

I know we need to be careful what we treat the plants with as it will directly affect the fish. I'm just curious what others use to keep pests at a minimum.


I sprayed the basil with dipel and calcium on the foliage and that seemed to do the trick!

Hi Brian,

   What form of calcium do you use?

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