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Trying to figure out the math for a Tilapia grow out.

I used the information here:

and a ROT of 1lb per 5 gallons of aquarium.

I currently have a 40 gallon aquarium with a 40 gallon media bed running inside and I plan on adding a 300 gallon tank outside with 2 - 3X8 media beds and 1 - 4X8 raft.

First time at this so I want to on the safe side. The math seems to indicate that I could start with 30 Tilapia in the 40 gallon for 3 months and then transfer to the 300 gallon for the balance and be well safe (assuming no chemical issues). My thought is to add a second large tank after another cycle and then manage 3 cycles a year. Is it too optimistic to expect the fish to grow out in a year?

Also, is there a reason not to use new galvanized troughs versus rubbermaid containers? Our horses and goats have used galvanized troughs for water as far back as I can remember and the galvanized tanks have better dimensions (straight sides).

Thanks in advance


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Hi Eric - has some info regarding galvanised containers.

Thx - I will stay with the Rubbermaid containers for now. I suspect the water in a animal trough isn't in there long enough to be an issue.

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