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part of the reason ive been wanting to get into aquaponics is to lessen my footprint. i see the bell siphon autodrains the grow bin. what i really want to do is not have anything plugged in. is there anything along those lines possible?





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thats funny because i was thinking about something like that. more of a portable fish tank that i could move up and down or somehow juggle a couple tanks at a time. move one to the top and it drains down through the grow beds and then into the other fish tank. then juggle the bottom tank to the top and start over. maybe a bit more manual then the hand pump but it sure sounds cool. very labor intensive too i bet.

yea, water is heavy


When in Rome?  That civilization knew how to manipulate water. How much ancient techonolgy really can be viable.  I believe alot more than people are using.  I do see alot on DIY alternative powers and why wouldn't we try to recreate some like this to live cleaner and less costly.  The teeter-totter in combination with water wheels, windmills and gear ratios, my mind is racing with ideas.  Where's Davinci when you need him? I'm sticking with trying to start off with DIY solar panels to power my pump. But later on, I do wish to go as natural and clean as possible by any means necessary!

Jon Baldwin said:
...I see a very large teeter-totter in your future...

I saw a picture somewhere

(if I can find it I'll post it)

of a pump in the Phillipines, I think,

powered by a children's swing set.

The kids have fun and no electricity is needed.

Or, as Jon says, a teeter-totter would work just as well...

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