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My system has cycled and my pH has stabilized around 6.8-7.  I just picked up 15 tilapia ranging in size from 1.5"-6" and prior to adding them to my tank I tested the water I brought the home in at the pH is 7.6+.  The transport water came half from my tank and half from the guy I bought them from and I am concerned about shocking them.

For now I'm adding some of my tank water to the cooler they are in at a rate of about 1/2 gal ever 30-60 minutes.  I have aeration for them as well.  Anything else I can do to ease their transition?

The gentleman I purchased the fish from has a 10 year old system so it very established.

There is also the possibility that the cooler could be affecting the pH too I suppose

Thanks for any tips or guidance

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the best way to aclimate fish like this is to use a drip line. Go get some air line tubing and tie a knott in it not to tight tho. then siphon water from your system into the water the talapia are in and tighten the knot in your line so taht its dripping every second or 2. This will let them aclimate over about 2 hours with out you having to pour water or do any work aside from keeping an eye on it. It also slowly aclimates them to PH and tempreture changes.

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