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Hi Everyone!  

I'm in Kansas and have a make shift greenhouse covering my system right now.   

I have a 250 gallon fish tank which is an IBC tote.

I have 3 grow beds but one has been taken over by my 5 ducks.  They have added a ton of waste to my system.

I have a few goldfish but the ducks are producing so much waste I don't need fish to run the system.

It is a CHOP2 system made with IBC totes.

Currently I am growing lettuce and spinach.  

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Hey there Scott, where at in Kansas? Im in Lawrence.

Gotta keep the ducks out of the system, not the kind of waste you want. Will pretty quickly lead to bad water quality.


I'm in Hartford.  It's a small town outside of Emporia.  I'm an hour south of Topeka.  

Thanks for that advice.  I can see what you mean about the bad water quality.  

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