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Just thought people might like to see that netflix has this show called TED Talks. I had never heard of it until yesterday but there is an interesting series called Chew On This. I recommend that anyone doing aquaponics sees this series because it has a lot to do with aquaponics indirectly. Personally, this series has further inspired me to hopefully grow into a large-scale or even commercial aquaponics system one day. The series shows how others around the world are using the same ideas to farm fresh, organic food. The most interesting one I believe was a guy talking about this biologist in who is feeding cities from this completely natural system that he puts nothing into. He farms extensively instead of intensively and the speaker also talks about how agriculture needs to move into a system that values the relationships in an ecosystem rather than singling out animals and feeding them wrong food in an unsustainable system. So just some food for thought and I promise if you are as interested in aquaponics as I am, you will definitely find this at the very least interesting.

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