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Wondered if anyone had some interestign crops they have tried growing.


I am in Rochester NY  (limitted growing season).


Much success with Legend tomatoes and Matt's wild cherry tomatoes (blight resistent/immune).


Wheat was a pain, probably will not do that again.  Pain to harvest and process.  Tastes good addign to normal flour to make it mroe whole wheat.


Odd crops I will be trying in 2011:


Quinoa- it's like rice. 

Wild Garlic- like it's name, a wild smaller garlic

Lemon balm and lime balm (people might like tea?)

Barley- hopefully not as bad a wheat to harvest.

Dill- I love this, grows great inside too.  Excellent on fish.  Too expensive at the store.


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I will give Amaranth a try.  Any other grains you can think of that would grow well?  Just trying to round out the pyramid some...

ever try growing Stevia? It's a sugar substitute. warm loving though. leafs taste great and better for you than sugar.

collards , swis chard can do wonderfully in cool climates. 

how about hops? you have the barley. AP beer anyone?

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