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integrating aquaponics/hydroponic systems into other systems.

Does anyone here know anything about integrating hydro/aquaponics with other systems or use it other than food cultivation?

Currently I'm doing a research paper on bioremediation and was reading about bioleaching and it got me thinking about ways to use ponics as a remediator. Is anyone here familiar with such a subject?

Or integrating NFT systems into architecture and using the outside of buildings as growing spaces.

Basically I was looking at my school's system and was trying to think of cool ways to make this part of urban sustainability.

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I have heard of people using the falling water on multiple floors for cooling and moving air through a house but thats about it. i plummed a system where a set of fish tanks ran into a trough that was long the walls and down the stairs that ran to a pond then to the filtration in the basement and it definitely worked as a great cooler i would imagine it would work great on an even bigger scale tho you would need an auto top off to account for all the evaporation.

That is true, but with a drip system and media rather than say a piped or raft system you could minimize evaporation losses significantly.

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