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What is everyone using in the grow beds to control insects that are not harmful to the system?

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Bio-security are first measures to pest control (such as do not bring in "outside" -off the farm- plants, keep dead leaves cleaned in the growbeds, etc..). Then it is freshly brewed Worm casting tea.


Worms, including nocturnal worms, I hand pick.  Everything else, I blast off with water, repeating as necessary.

Insects that are NOT harmful? There's no need to control them. I've got an armada of wood lice hanging out in my growbeds :) Wandered over from my worm compost.

Actually the word "not" should not be in there.  I should have asked for insect control ( insecticide) that would not harm the system GB  or FT.

Well, if you're looking for insecticide, spinosad takes care of a few things and is practically completely harmless for you fish. I did the math a while back and tilapia would begin to be affected after dumping two quarts of concentrate directly into a 600 gallon system. Really great for thrips and caterpillars.

Hi Again Steve,

  Yes, Freshly Brewed Worm Casting Tea is used as an 'insecticide" of sorts. When pure worm castings are brewed and applied to growing media and all surfaces of plants, the chitinase - an enzyme-  that is naturally contained in the castings attacks the bodies of insects (the exoskeletons of insects is comprised of chitin, which the chitinase attacks).  That is one of the reasons it works. 

   The tea needs to be concentrated at the ratio of at least 2/3 cup castings to 1 gallon of non-chlorinated water, and 2 tbsp. of sugar or molasses.  Aerate for minimum of 12 hours (24 is better).  Apply to your media and plants.  This will not harm your plants or fish or bacterial colony in your AP system.

So now you have tow options so for a to choose from.  Sorry this was not clear in my first post above.

- Converse

Thank You All

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