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In the process of building a 10 gallon setup and have been doing a fair amount of research but am getting overwhelmed with stuff that (mostly) doesn't pertain to me.  So I thought I would just start a new thread specific to the system I'm trying to build.

 As I said it's a 10 gallon tank. For the grow bed I have the choice of a 28 quart, 18 quart, or 12 quart container.  I'm thinking the 18 quart would be a good start.  Am I correct in assuming that?

 I've read a bit about using a bell siphon type a setup versus continuous flow and I'm leaning heavier toward continuous flow.  Sounds to me from the reading I've done the siphon system can be a bit of a headache with failures and what not.  I live on the top floor of a high rise so any failure with getting water back to the tank is a gamble I can not take. (aside from some easily wiped up splashes of course).  So I guess my question would be, with the continuous flow system, how high up should the return drain be?  Or perhaps a better question, how much water should I allow to sit on the bottom of the grow bed?  Inch or two?  Or none?
 Found some flexible (but still plenty rigid) black water line at menards I plan to use for the return. When fastening to the grow bed is there any particular brand of silicone recommended?  I have some clear 100% silicone that's suppose to be 7 year mold free protected.  Suitable?  Other wise I've noticed petco has some silicone that's made for aquariums.  Would that be better?
 I think those were my biggest questions for now.  Thanks much for any and all help.

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Basement System This is one of the seed beds.

Thanks everyone.  I have the system together, minus the usual tweaking that comes afterwards.  Just running the tank water through GB at the moment.  Haven't planted anything yet.  Being my first time, not sure if what I put together will work or not but...trial and error right?

Right now there is a Kickstarter campaign going on for a 10 gallon AP setup. Might want to look into that? It's called AquaSprouts --

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