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Information about Kaldnes filter media, writing from peru

I want to make type Biofilter, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor with filter media kaldnes K1 or kaldnes Biochip, need to contact manufacturers, anyone has some references of people or companies that sell this filter material.

I see chinese web site and have see very cheap prices. I need to contact with companies that manufacture kaldnes k1 filter media. I live in Peru and development recirculation system and modules aquaponics. 

someone has purchased products pages 


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why kaldness, is this for an aquarium?

Kaldnes K1... 

kaldnes is used in aquariums to keep the alkalinity up, usually in salt water aquariums.... please explain your purpose for wanting to include one in an ap system.

kaldness doesn't have anything to do with alkalinity, it's neutral.. it's used to provide surface area for bacteria, and the moving bed action helps breakdown solids, oxygenates the water, and strips co2

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