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Hey guys,

Ya'll ever seen the Bright Agrotech videos? Does anyone know what material Nate is using in his grow tubes, or where I can find something like that?

Lowes has a gutter preserve but its mildew resistant, and Im assuming that involves chems that would be bad for beneficial bacteria.

Let me know what your thoughts are.


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He said that the material is available on their web site, also that it is made from recycled water bottles. You can find similar products at Pentair Aquatic eco-systems

hey thanks for letting me know!

wow that stuff is expensive! i was thinking i could use it in a media bed but am thinking thats not really going to be the way to go. ive heard expanded clay and hydroton type stuff is a bit less than ideal, anyone have any thoughts on light weight media?

Nate and Bright Agrotech do a great job providing us with quality / thorough information. If I ever use a product that they offer I will purchase from them for that reason.  But you are right about media for a grow bed. Practically speaking rock media is best for that.

There are some other sources. Masala makes a material that is 1.5" thick and Poly-flo makes some that are either 1.25" or 2" thick.

Hey Joe,  I know you are a bit north of this place, but Tranquility Ponds in Vancouver carries a media we have  used. It is black and comes in rolls.  It is sold by the linear foot, and the stuff we get is about 5' long by however many feet we need. It is 1 1/8 inch thick, so we layer it. Works great.  Has held up in the PNW weather and in the tropics.  Hope this is helpful

- Converse



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