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I couldn't find this anywhere on the forum, but correct me if I am wrong...I am building the Friendly Aquaponics Micro-System 64 with 2 - 4'x8' beds in my basement with no natural sunlight access.


What indoor lighting system will be the most effective, yet easy on the wallet and monthly wallet electric bill.


Any advise would be great.


Thanks guys,


PS - I just joined, and the positive energy on this forum is awesome, so I hope not to ruin it with an elementary question here...



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Well tilapia will survive water temps down even below 60 F but they will definitely grow better (they don't grow or eat much below 70 F) if you can keep the water above about 74 F.


I would recommend perch or blue gill personally but that is just my bias to recommending local native fish.  Perhaps contact Sweetwater or Growing power to see if they can recommend a source for fingerlings.

that helps TC, thanks. I am planning on a Sweetwater trip next Sunday for the tour - I will ask Godsil.


The digilux bulbs come in all different size bulbs, 400W, 1000W, etc.  Whether u use a 400W or 1000W is up to u if u want to use a light rail.  That would be 2 lights (400, 600, or 1000W, your choice) and 2 light rails.  If you skip light rails you will need 4 lights total (400, 600, or 1000W).  Rails mean you could buy 2 lighting systems and 2 rails instead of 4 HID systems, not to mention 2 lights throws off way less heat than 4.  Rails also reduce shading by letting the light hit much more leaf surface area than a non-mobile light.

As to fish, when i was at Sweetwater i asked where they got their fish... Tilapia are from new mexico bought in large quanitites, and perch are from some WI institute bought in large quantities only. Im not sure but i think they are hormone treated as well; i dont know how they would manage multiple tens of 1,000's gallon fish tanks if they kept breeding all the time; but im not 100% sure about this one. I will probably be ordering fish within a month, i will let u know what i come up with; also let me know if u find anything local.

Ya it would be fun to meet up sometime, i live 15 min west of Beloit, WI.  Im going to to Madison tonight to get supplies from Paradigm and hit up a metal show :)

Josh Fagan said:

That is just awesome...I was beginning  to think I was the only one who felt this way - I need to come to Madison and have a beer at Great Danes with you guys.

So I assume the digilux bulb coincides with the power of the balast...400-->400

When I go from the 1000 to the 400, am I just trading off the size for the lights for the cost of the rail? Is that the idea?


Got it - I am leaning towards the 2 lights on 2 rail system. It seems to make sense to me, my situation and budget.


Monroe area?


I will try to find Perch locally first, and go from there.


U have any pics of your setup?


im still sealing up some leaks, but i have some preliminary photos of 3/4 of my system. Check out the thread i started.  i am also adding another 4'x8' grow bed in the adjacent room and 4 2'x4' trays stacked on shelves, all to be attached to this system.

im in between Monroe and Beloit, closer to Beloit; but out in da country(or as close as it can get for being southcentral WI) LOL.

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