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What are some good indoor growing sites/resources that are not marijuana centric????

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Hi,  I have not seen any so far and I grow indoors a lot of Basil. I supply a Krogers distribution center 50 to 75 cases of Basil a week under T5's. I did all of my research on the MMJ sites because they have been doing this for a long time. If you ignore the fact that it i a drug but it is a plant that needs light then you will learn a lot. If you came into my grow room you would think I was growing MMJ because of all the things they do that work. Also there are guys on the sites that also grow other things and will help you with a lot of things. Just my 2 cents worth.

try Maximum,,, but the main reason, IMO ... Ganja is one of the few options that justifies the means.

Joe.. I would love to see your set up!

50-75 cases of basil / week must take quite a warehouse full of T-5 lights.

I could use that much basil here.. but cant even come close to those numbers.. please do tell.

Rob.. I am growing in a 12x12 and a 8x8 space. The idea was to grow vertically and not use a warehouse. Also I am not growing this product in my aqua system. I am trying several Organic fert ideas to see if they work against some hydro ferts and starting trials to see what does better and sad to say std hydro is doing really a lot better.

oh... ok,

so... your not selling 50 - 70 cases / week from under lights?

I am selling 50-70 cases a week under lights.

forgive me here... Im just trying to wrap my mind around this level of production in a small space under lights..

because, if you can produce that much basil indoors.. Im impressed!

im guessing these are not 1 lb cases?

You are correct it is living Basil.

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