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So I have a 75gal freshwater aquarium that has been set up for about '4 yrs. I recently set up a back yard ap system and thought of my indoor tank. Having been cycled already and containg fish and plenty of "nutrient" I thought it might be worth looking into as an indoor system for herbs. Could anyone give me some ideas for lighting, plumbing, etc. I haven't decided on raft or an external bed of some sort. Seems like the raft would be less intrusive. This is smack dab in the middle of the house, so I can't have tubing and sumps and basins everywhere. I need clean and basic.

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If you can build a big sturdy shelf above the tank then you could do a constant flood media bed or a raft bed above.

Then of course you need lighting (go to the artificial lighting group to get advice on that.)

I will recommend an emergency blanket curtain around the plant growing space to contain the light somewhat being that it is in the middle of the house and bright grow lights might make it less comfortable.  The mylar emergency blankets you can get from the camping section of the department stores (k-mart where ever) are much cheaper than the mylar the hydroponics shops will sell and it's kinda like putting sunglasses around the plant growing space (that will also bounce light back to the plants) instead of needing to wear them yourself.

Oh, and a small fan in the plant growing space is also a good idea.

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