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I've used a six way indexing valve for 2 1/2 years, using a 50-watt or so pump.  Recently, the valve stopped indexing, which I thought was a problem with the valve.  Aleece, at Aquaponic Lynx, helped me determine that it was a pump problem - still pumping but with decreased flow.  I've switched to a Danner 18 pump and the valve works just fine.  The Danner uses more watts when running compared to my previous pump but I pump for less time so it works out the same with respect to power use.  

Two things (1) still well satisfied with my set up of six beds, no sump, no siphons and (2) Thanks, Aleece for the service well after the sale.

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Glad to hear you got great help.  Did you try cleaning the old pump? I've been surprised at how much "gunk" builds up and now I try to remember to clean my pumps at the beginning of the month.

No, no cleaning.  Nothing on it, other than slime.  I did inspect and test to ensure there were no obstructions in the plumbing.

Are you cleaning a screen?  

No, I pull the impeller out and clean the slime off it and attempt to shove a bit of rag on a stick up into the pump cavity to get the gunk there. Seems to make a difference.

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