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Recently we have begun noticing rising ammonia and nitrite levels and we cannot get them to go down. We have a fair number of established plants working away at filtering and the bacteria seem to be doing their job however the ammonia is at 4.0 ppm  and the nitrite is a .25 ppm. We can't figure out how to reduce the ammonia without harming the fish with chemicals. Any one have any ideas?

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Good Luck and hang in there.
I am moving Dan, taking it with me.

Dan Wulff said:

Hi Richard,


I goofed on the reply thing so I'm re-posting it.

Thanks for the offer of the gravel. I do appreciate it. I do have a question though if it's not too personal, but why are you tearing down the system?


Richard Wyman said:

They will come Dan, but if you really want some I am tearing down my system today. You could get some of my gravel to help them.  I live in Aurora.

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