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Hi all!

My determinate tomatoes decided to grow 4-5ft tall!! :/ this would of been ok if i was growing outside!

Does anyone know where i can buy some true determinate seeds?

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a 4 or 5 foot tall sounds like a real determinate.  Determinate means the plant grows and produces fruit basically in one go, it doesn't necessarily mean it will be a patio size plant.  4-5 feet isn't that big for a tomato plant, I know of some that get to 3 meters. 

It sounds like you probably need to search for tomato varieties that the plant stays very very small so probably look for the patio varieties.  Or ones that vine and you can just keep coiling the older part of the vine out of the way.


And warning, aquaponics sometimes changes the rules.  I once planted a dwarf banana in aquaponics.  The listing said it would get to 4-5 feet high.  I figured that meant the main stalk would be about 4-5 feet tall and the leaves beyond that to perhaps 8 feet.  NO, in the aquaponics the stalk was more like 9 feet and the leaves were probably beyond 14 feet.


Good luck

An indeterminate tomato works well for indoor, I have a one year old supersweet 100. With only about 30 inches of headroom. Just trim it like the video posted on this site and wrap the vine around where ever it will fit.  ( Nice having ripe tomatoes year round)


Good luck, and good eating .

Thanks for the info

We've found some good dwarf determinate varieties at Tomato Grower's Supply.  No affiliation, other than having ordered from them. 

My favorite variety that we grew was called 'New Big Dwarf.'  Funny name, but great plants - only 2 feet or so tall but loaded with gorgeous pink/red full size tasty fruit.

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