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If anyone is willing to walk me through step by step to rid myself of this problem, please give me a shout out. I appreciate it.

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More information would be helpful. How many fish, what kind of fish, how much water, how much grow space, how are you growing your plants? Bad smell is usually caused by anaerobic conditions in your tank or growbed. Are you using a media based system? How are you aerating your water?

Fish poo isnt leaving the fish tank.

  • Almost always Plumbing
  • flow rate is too low which allows for solids to deposit
  • give the tank a good stir up

Not enough Aeration in your tanks

  • Check the aeration requirements with reference to fish weight and feed ratio

Too many fish

  • you are probably sending in waste back into the tank
  • check your gravel bed to fish stocking ratio
  • reduce on fish stocking

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