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Hi Guys,

I'm new onto this forum and website and fairly new to the whole Aquaponics world.

I'm a Brit but over in Tokyo and just recently built my own small system on my balcony on the 12th floor (potential record for strangest location?).

It has sparked a whole new hobby for me here and to be honest a potential change in career.

Short story long and through 'right time right place' and maybe even a little bit of fate I have met and got connected to some people back in Taiwan where my house and family are living.

I am now in the process of designing a modular system that can be manufactured, cheaply and professionally at a low cost and I am hoping for some wisdom from you guys here on this forum.

I've seen many system's online, a few that are for sale on different website but like me, if you were to buy them you would tweak them to your own personal designs.... SO

Here is the question and hopefully you can give me some ideas that I can cover in my design.

Q: If you could buy the perfect system, what have you noticed over your personal builds you would love to have in one all encompassing system that could be bought off the shelf?

I realise the possibilities are endless but any comments and recommendations would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys and gals


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