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Watch the video and click on the image for a better understanding. I currently have about 25 Tilapia fingerlings, a few gold fish, and some Tilapia breeders. I have the outlet set up attract the fry to take them to the next section. My idea is to have them diverted into a small bin with a lot of tiny holes (1/16") to let the water out but not the fry. The bin will be in a slightly larger tote. From there the water would have to travel up and down some barriers as a radial flow filter to get to the other side of the tote. Water would then leave the tote and go into a gravel bed. I like the water being dumped directly into the gravel bed so I know it is good water movement. Other options... I could have the fry come out of the fish tank and into the catchment bin be sitting in the floating raft system. Or I could have the bin sitting on top of the gravel bed to the water goes directly into the GB. I just liked the idea of some sort of solids collection system so its not all sitting in the bottom of my floating raft system. 


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