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hi all,

i am Thomas and i am from india, i am newcomer and still i am learning and planning for construction of a system.

since we have electricity drop down some times daily for a average period of 1 to 3 hrs .

By this time pumping of water will not be happened. is there a risk of plants could easily get dry?

is there any time constraint or time gap for  pumping water to the plant system.?



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The only challenge you can have with power outages is with fish. Depending on the species of fish and the temperature you may need electricity for aeration so the fish can breathe. The media in the grow bed should stay wet enough for the plants for a few days.

hi Jonathan ,

thanks you,

we have a tropical climate in india , average 20°C to 35 °C in my place. i already have fishs on our tank with water plants (eg. water lilly, lotus). 

eg. fishes we have are Tilapia, gold fish,guppy fish....!

still if we use aquaponic system, do we have a risk in aeration for fish? any change in the current water system?



If your fish are surviving well in your current set up then you are fine. All you have to do is pump the fish tank water to the grow beds and then drain the the grow beds back to the fish tank. Just keep in mind for the fish, that the hotter the water the less oxygen there is in the water. So if there is a heat wave keep an eye on the fish. Fortunately goldfish can breath air at the surface.

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