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Hello all.

I would like to discuss the various pH and water temperature parameters of a basic aquaponics system. For instance:

In Sylvia Bernstein's book (Aquaponic Gardening) I read that Nitrosomonas and Nitrospria require a pH of 7.8-8 and 7.3-7.5 at temps of 25-30 deg C for optimal reproduction. Are these the same ideal parameters for processing Ammonia -> Nitrite -> Nitrate? Or, does optimal Nitrification occur at different at different pH and temp?

It also generally states that most plants have optimal nutrition intake at a pH of 6.8-7, however it doesn't list the ideal water conditions for any specific plant, nor family of plants.

Does anyone know what their plants thrive best in / produce the best yield with?

Can anyone share a table which lists plants and their optimal water conditions? I think we may also need to throw in frequency and duration of feeding (why not right?)

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Hi Robert,

Higher temps will cause plants to wilt. Low temps inhibit/destroy bacteria. See this link

For Ph discussion see here

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