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Hello everyone. I am really curious about the ideal flow rate for NFT and DWC AP. Can anyone clear my curiousness out? Well, I'm using PVC pipes which have 4 meters in length and 9 centimeters in diameter. Last but not least, tell me what does Ib stand for? (measurement) .Please help answering me my questions.

Cheers !

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You are right the water should be filtered. But I'm using UVI clarifier and biofilter and settling tank still there is much sludge in the pipes. Anyway I c they don't work well for my system because they are in small sizes, too small to filter the water. I wanna use the bigger filtration as well but the materials are heavy that I'm afraid that my house's roof is not able to stand with them,
Have you tried cleaning your filtration more frequently?
Not frequently. let say weekly or biweekly. Have you got any idea Ryan? Well, can you tell me how hight between the bottom of our net pots and the pipe bottom or trough bottom? Should net pot's bottom touch the the bottom of the trough or pipe?

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