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Is $60 a good price for ibc toes

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How many gallons?

if it is the standard 275-300 Gal size, it is a decent price indeed


If you can find out exactly what the IBC used to contain and don't mind it, then $60 is a good price.  Food grade ones are generally a bit more $$

I just paid $65 each for 5, and new they cost around $200. So sounds like a good deal.

Depending on what was in the tote?

275 Gallon tote for $60 is the best price I could find here in Miami.
Just make sure to clean it very well before starting any life in it.

Where do you find IBC totes???


Wow my craigslist has absolutely nothing and the only prices I can find are around 300-700. depending on how large they are.  I was considering just going small with Rubbermaid tubs from Target but maybe it would be worth shipping it here from somewhere else at those prices.  Hmmm, hope rises again for the large system.  Thanks.


Portland OR

Rubbermaid will make no claim to the saftey of your fish in those tubs. I think you have an aquaponic shop in Portland, talk to them. I would use an IBC before rubbermaid.

Thanks both

good input

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