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Finally got the gravel in the grow beds, water flow adjusted and the auto siphons work perfectly! Just a small problem - the center of the lids on the top of the totes evidently have a pressure relief valve in the center for releasing pressure when hauling at higher elevations. Both beds with these caps are now leaking -- dug out the gravel in one and got the lid off but looking for ideas on sealing these up. Will just filling it with silicone do the the trick?  Don't want to try something , refill the beds and have it leak again!!!  HELP!!

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I expect silicone will do the trick.  You can seal it up and let it cure then just fill with water to see if it holds before putting gravel back in.

Hi Darlene,

Try cutting out a circular patch from the same or similar material, overfill the valve with silicone and place the patch over and place a weight for a few hours over this. should do the trick.

Thanks for the input - will try it - wish me luck!!  I really wanted to plant today! But I certainly don't want a leak at this late stage!

Hi Darlene,

The patch will prevent any media from disturbing the seal. You should wipe the excess silicone from around the patch when it is weighted. You can fill after 15-20 minutes, provided you place the media carefully so as not to move the patch and upset the seal from curing in place.

Success!!!  No leaks!!!  Thanks for your help!  

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