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hello all.

I recently built a IBC system for my dad in Stockton, Ca

we are using 1 375 gallon ibc tote as the tank, 3 4x4 grow beds at 16" depth, and 1 raft system. Similar to M. Hallams Chop 2 or whatever. 

I am looking into expanding on a 2 acre parcel i have leased to me, i have access to a 18x40 foot greenhouse.  I was thinking of doing a trench style pond about 3000-3500 gallon and some gravity beds of watercress, nutrient greens and various other veggies on the top.  looking into Sacramento perch, bluegill, catfish, crawfish, and maybe tilapia.

any pump suggestions, or ideas would be appreciated.

I posted my video if you want to see it in action.  I use abit of worms and feed veggies to my fish currently.  may get into pelletized foods?

happy growing.

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